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Additional Charge

  • Rental BCD & Reg @ Rp. 80.000,- / dive

  • Night dive (7.00pm) @ Rp. 80.000 ,-/ dive

  • Dawn dive (6.30am) @ Rp. 80.000,- / dive

  • Sunset dive (5.30pm) @ Rp. 50.000 ,-/ dive

Wreck dive (Sophie Wreck)
*required Deep diver & Nitrox diver @ Rp. 150.000,- / dive

-Be Aware-

This product are made for adrenaline junkie. Check your certification level as it need Advance skill and contact your Dive instructor for further advice. 

We provide level uprgading if you like to this site. 

Dive safari around Pulau  Weh (Pulau Rondo or Batee Meuduroe)
*required 7 – 10 experience diver. meals, soft drink and fuel included add 4.000.000 /boat trip

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice

Departure time 1st dive at 9.00am, the 2nd at 12.00am and the 3rd at 15.30pm. or our time also flexible depending on request to departure. Between a time, we mostly do surface interval in the dive center. Mineral water, hot tea, WIFI are provided in the dive center.

Rubiah Tirta Dive Center is close with any dive sites. nearest it takes 5 minutes  and most distance 30 minutes by boat.

Especially start at 6pm on Thursday till 2pm on Friday is forbidden for water activities.

Shore dive

Own equipment     Rp. 120.000,-/dive
Rental equipment  Rp. 170.000,-/dive
Need guide   @ Rp. 50.000,- *suggested


From Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh

Air Asia fly direct from Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh.

See website


From Penang to Banda Aceh

Firefly direct from Penang to Banda Aceh.

See website


From Medan to Banda Aceh or Jakarta to Banda Aceh

By Plane: Two airlines fly between Medan and Banda Aceh. Besides Garuda Indonesia there is low cost carriers: Lion Air.

Garuda Indonesia:

Lion Air:

Batik Air:


By Bus

the non-stop night buses between Medan and Banda Aceh are comfortable. The major bus companies are PMTOH, New Pelangi, Kurnia, Pusaka, Sempati Star, Travego, Sanura, Putra Pelangi and Anugerah. In Medan they all have ticket offices on Gagak Hitam street. All becak and taxi drivers know the place. From there the bus companies have free transfers to their respective bus depot. The journey takes 10 – 11 hours.

From Banda Aceh to Pulau Weh

From the airport of Banda Aceh, please to take the taxi to go to Ulee Lheue Jetty. It will takes 30 minutes.

Pulau weh can be reached by fast boat or slower ferry.

The fast boat takes 45 minutes and leaves from Ulee Lheue Jetty in the morning at 09.30am and afternoon at 16.00pm.

there are 2 classes executive class  & VIP class.


The slow ferry takes 1 hour 30 minutes and departs from Ulee Lheue at 14.00pm. Special day on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 11.00am and 16.00pm.

Once at the Balohan Jetty (Pulau Weh), there is some local transport to Sabang Town and Iboih Beach with a minibus. If travelling alone there are also some taxi bikes available for a negotiable price.

We can help you to provide pick-up and delivery transportation from Banda Aceh airport to the Rubiah Dive Center


  • Deluxe Waterfront Rates, from Rp. 550.000,- /night

  • Semi Deluxe Waterfront Rates, from Rp. 400.000,- /night

  • Standard Waterfront Rates, from Rp 350.000,- /night

  • Family Rates, from Rp. 500.000,- /night

For complete information about this trip you can Contact Us 



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