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Diving Trip Maratua Island

(Must have Certified)

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Maratua Island, the home of Pratasaba Resort, is located on the northern coast of Eastern Kalimantan. Being part of the Derawan Archipelago, this hidden gem sits above Kakaban, its neighboring island. As the primary nesting place for green turtles in Indonesia, Maratua is also known as the "Turtle Island".

You can enjoy the archipelago's rich biodiversity and its pristine nature through various activities. Snorkeling with stingless jellyfish around Kakaban, following a large school of barracuda, observing Manta Ray and admire resting turtles just to name a few.

Pulau Maratua terletak di pesisir utara Kalimantan Timur, dan menjadi rumah bagiPratasaba Resort. Pulau Maratua adalah bagian dari Kepulauan Derawan. Maratua terletak di atas pulau tetangganya, Kakaban. Pulau Maratua merupakan habitat terbesar untuk Penyu Hijau di Indonesia, dan karena itu pulau ini memperoleh gelar 'Pulau Penyu'.

Kamu dapat menikmati keaneka ragaman bahari dan keaslian alam dengan berbagai aktifitas, seperti berenang dengan ubur-ubur tidak menyengat di pulau Kakaban, menyelam dengan gerombolan barracuda, mengamati Pari Manta dan Penyu!



By Air

Maratua Airport has operated since June of 2017. To support the development of the marine tourism in the Eastern Kalimantan Provinces, Susi Air serves Grand Caravan's flight round-trip routes which flies to Tarakan-Maratua-Berau Regency every Wednesday only. 

​It flies from Juwata Airport Tarakan at 08:00 am (UTC+8) to Maratua or Kalimarau Airport Berau at 09:50 am (UTC+8) to Maratua

Back to Kalimarau Airport Berau also on Wednesday at 09:00 am (UTC+8) or back to Juwata Airport Tarakan at 10:40 am (UTC+8).

There are available direct flights from Jakarta/Surabaya to Tarakan/Berau by Lion Air and Sriwijaya Air.

By Sea

You can travel to Maratua by using a speedboat from Tanjung Batu Port or Tanjung Redeb Port in Berau. It takes about 2.5 hours (normal trip) when the waves are quiet and about 3-4 hours when there are heavy waves.

We can pick you up by our speedboat (by appointment before arrival) or you can find a public speedboat destination to Derawan or Maratua. 

Contact us for pick up schedule and more informations! 

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Seroja cottage

The Seroja Cottage gives you a private space of your own surrounded by the pristine beauty of nature. The Cottagehas a King-sized bed, a private bathroom complete with warm water, Cable TV and an air conditioner. You also get a private balcony for you to enjoy the sea, sunset, or maybe take a little rest in our hammock while reading a book.

Seheku Lodge 

The Seheku Lodge offers you comfortable accommodation, with rooms facing the sea and rooms with jungle view. We have rooms with Twin beds and King-sized beds. The Seheku Lodge's rooms offers you a private bathroom with warm water, Cable TV and air conditioner, completed with a terrace to relax after exploring Maratua Island. An pleasant experience of comfort in the reach of your hands.

Jantik Home

Jantik Home has a guest house concept. We offer 4 rooms with sharing showerand 1 with the same standard as Seheku Lodge (Hot and private shower). This is perfect for big families or backpackers who needs to save some cash.

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