Specialty Program (No Water No Problem)

All Recreational Diving Specialty as well as Ecology Kits, which SSI provides Student Training Materials for, have been upgraded to now include the option for an Online Final Exam. This makes virtual classroom training and the certification process much easier. In addition to the review questions, instructors can also track the progress of the final exam in the student progress bar. Online final exams are available for the following courses:
- Boat Diving
- Coral Identification
- Deep Diving
- Dive Guide
- Diver Stress And Rescue
- Equipment Techniques
- Enriched Air Nitrox
- Fish Identification
- Manta and Ray Ecology
- Marine Ecology
- Monofin (Freediving)
- Navigation
- Night and Limited Visibility
- Perfect Buoyancy
- Photo And Video
- React Right (3 exams - First Aid/CPR, AED, O2 Provider)
- Science of Diving
- Sea Turtle Ecology
- Search And Recovery
- Shark Ecology
- Sidemount Diving
- Wreck Diving (2 exams - Wreck, Advanced Wreck)

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